Super Mario Party

Max recently turned 8 and asked for a Mario Party! This one was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. I ran short on time because we had a few conflicts with the date so I ended up doing a Facebook invite. 

We decided, of course, we had to save Princess Peach so we dreamed up a Mario-themed quest for our guests.

It started with a Yoshi egg hunt in the yard where the kids found hidden plastic eggs full of gold coins! Once all the eggs were collected it was down to the Dungeon! (Aka the basement!)

There the kids hopped over piranha plants, encountered a maze of vines, stomped on Goombas and at last, warped through a tunnel. 

Finally we defeated Bowser with fireballs (marbles wrapped in orange tissue paper,) found the key, and unlocked the dungeon to reveal the Princess! 

Also hiding in the dungeon with the Princess were the goodie bags, filled with stick-on moustaches, chocolate moustaches, gold star stickers, flower power (seed packets,) and candy. 

For snacks we had fire balls, piranha plant fruit kabobs, bananas, popcorn, and cheese and crackers. Since I went all out on decorations I kept the cake simple and just made mushroom cupcakes by sticking upside down white chocolate chips into colored frosting. Easy! 

Finally, my amazing friend made this incredible piñata for Max and the kids had a great time busting it open!

Lucy wasn’t as excited about helping with this party but she did draw these for the front door, and I thought she did a great job. Her 11th birthday is the next up and she says she doesn’t want a party. My heart is broken but I’m still holding out hope she will change her mind in the next two weeks.

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