Greetings! My name is Sarah, Mama to three beautiful, energetic, and curious children.We are currently homeschooling 5th, 2nd, and preschool grade levels, although I’m not one to worry too much about things like that. My approach to homeschooling is eclectic: I combine some Montessori philosophies with a project-based learning approach and a lot of hands-off child-led free time. At the heart of my home school is a deep trust in my children and their personal understanding of their own needs and choices. We do not use a boxed curriculum, rather, they choose what topics to study and I create the opportunities needed to go deep. That means different things depending on the topic but oftentimes it includes field trips, MANY library stops, help with internet research, strewn items, art projects, and many opportunities to cook, build, engineer, tinker, toil, and most importantly, play.

In these pages you’ll find crafts, recipes, ideas for unit studies, reviews of books and of our favorite places to visit. You’ll also find plenty of birthday party ideas, too! (I tend to go a little overboard.)

I created this blog as a journal of our homeschooling adventures and a place to share our wild and crazy life with all of you. If you have stopped by to visit, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! I hope that friends and family who read our blog will enjoy creative inspiration, discover new and useful ideas for their own children, or simply have a laugh!

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