My Bucket List

You know that feeling of excitement for a fresh start that people often feel at the start of a New Year? I’ve been feeling that lately. Maybe it’s the life-changing events I am experiencing right now, or maybe it’s the snow storm raging outside my window today, April 1st, a time usually intended for spring-like weather. Whatever the reason, the feeling is here and I feel compelled to take action.

A friend of mine turned 30 last year on March 31st and created a “30 for 30” bucket list. A checklist of all the goals she was setting for herself for her 30th year. Everybody loved it, and she has followed up on it throughout the last year on Facebook, allowing those of us who know her to celebrate her successes along the way. I’m not sure she checked everything off, but she came pretty close, and the existence of the list created a little motivation on the days when it was nowhere to be found. I decided a similar action might improve my year and help me focus on things that are most important to me.

It’s not my birthday, a new year, or even a day of significance for me. All the same, here it is: My April 1st, 2017 Bucket List. (No fooling!)

I just started making a list and it came to 27. I like a nice, even  number so I probed my brain for three more to make it 30. Here are the items, explained:

  1. Sew a quilt-something I’ve wanted to do for years but always felt too intimidated to try.
  2. Run a 5K-I hate running, that’s no secret. This one is for my oldest daughter who loves it.
  3. Take a road trip-I am also not a fan of driving so this will be a mini road trip. I’m thinking Canada, Washington DC, or maybe Pennsylvania? We shall see!
  4. Learn how to silk screen-I am really excited about this one, just need to work on gathering materials which might be a challenge given the tight budget I am on.
  5. Take a class-I’m keeping this one open to any kind of class I can find that fits my interests and (insane) schedule.
  6. Build something out of wood-Another thing I’ve always wanted to learn to do but been too intimidated by.
  7. Blog regularly-This one will be self-evident!
  8. See a Moth live show-The Moth is my favorite podcast and I recently learned that there are frequent live shows in nearby Boston and Portland!
  9. Read 6 books-I love to read and simply don’t do it enough. In the next 12 months I will read 6 books or more.
  10. Climb a 4,000 footer. Here in NH we have 48 mountains with elevations over 4,000 feet. I have climbed many of them already but not a single one since becoming a mother. Staying in shape has been a challenge for me with 3 kids but lately I have been able to exercise fairly regularly and I am hoping to keep it up and gain the endurance to tackle one of these beasts this summer. I suppose I’ll have to, climbing a NH48 in any other season besides summer and early fall is a whole new ball game.
  11. Learn to play ukulele-I bought myself one for my 30th birthday and never learned to play. I’ve played every other category of instrument (percussion, woodwind, brass,) so I feel I need to learn a string instrument. Ukulele is the simplest.
  12. See a sunrise-can you believe I’ve never watched a sunrise?
  13. Go Geocaching-The kids love this kind of thing, I bet we will be hooked.
  14. Write a will.
  15. Volunteer for a day.
  16. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
  17. Get a massage.
  18. Improve photography skills-maybe this can be the class I take and kill two birds with one stone!
  19. Organize my basement.
  20. Go to a concert.
  21. Learn to knit and complete a project.
  22. Treat my kids to a “yes” day-A yes day is a day when every single thing the kids ask for elicits a “yes” response. Ice cream for breakfast? Yes! Dress up as pirates and go to Wal-Mart? Yes! Buy a pet snake? Yes! (I will not be buying a pet snake. I will use my natural mom craftiness to avoid all pet stores.)
  23. Make a time capsule.
  24. Do 20 push-ups-This one I am copying from my friend. I’ve never been able to do even one real, straight-leg push up. This one will be the big challenge!
  25. Plant a tree-I think this will be my mother’s day gift to myself.
  26. Get professional photos taken of my kids.
  27. Finish writing a book-Oddly enough, this is more likely to happen than the push-ups. I’d love to participate in NANOWRIMO this year but November is usually so crazy for me because I love to make most of my holiday gifts which occupies most of my free time in both November and December. Maybe I can get a jump start on holiday making to free up some time in November. You know, to bang out a novel. Right…
  28. Complete a 29-days-of-giving cycle-Many years ago I read the book, “29 Gifts,” and it changed my life. It is a quick read and I’d recommend it to anybody interested in gratitude and its healing powers. The basic gist of the book is that a woman struggling with MS finds herself engaging in a journey of giving for 29 days, as a last-ditch attempt at boosting her mood. She experienced a huge shift, both emotionally, and physically, and was transformed. I try to complete a giving cycle every year, it really does make incredible things happen.
  29. Win something-I am a bit of contest junkie.
  30. Make something every week-I can be a pretty crafty person but my free time and motivation don’t always line up. Hopefully I can get better at that right away! I am thinking I’ll do a regular post on here to keep myself accountable…

Well, there it is. It’s out in the world now so there’s no turning back. Can’t wait to see what the next 365 days brings! Check back here and see how my list is coming along, I’ll be sure to post as I cross things off.

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