Physics Week, Part 1:

We've been doing lots of fun science work around here! This is turning out to be a very fun topic for my kids because there are SO MANY real-life examples to use that it feels important and relevant to them. They did a really great job and had a lot of fun. Today I bring … Continue reading Physics Week, Part 1:


Podcast Junkie

My name is Sarah and I am addicted to Podcasts. I just love them. Once a voracious reader, I find I don't have the free time these days to get lost in a book. Audio books are fantastic, but still a big time commitment. Plus, I've always preferred nonfiction so a Podcast is a little … Continue reading Podcast Junkie

Moon Jump

This week we began our yearly solar system unit, and this year we are focusing on the moon.  We began our day reading books together about the moon and recording facts that we learned. The most surprising to my kids was that sound waves don't travel on the moon. This is because there is no … Continue reading Moon Jump