Sewing for Kids

My 11-year-old asked for two things this Christmas, a new enclosure for her bunny, and this sewing kid from Klutz:

In the past we have had alternating success with these craft kits. Some have a been a big hit and others still remain in their box, unused. This particular kit, I am pleased to report, has kept my daughter busy for hours on end, most days of this year.

She asked for the kit after seeing a friend who had the same experience with it. Something about adding faces to food? Very appealing to the tween population. Once she sews her way through the entire food pyramid, I believe she will be quite the little seamstress!

If you have a young one interested in sewing and looking for some beginner projects, I highly recommend this kit! Klutz also makes a similar kit featuring little animals like sloths and llamas. Something tells me that one will be under my roof soon enough.

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