My Love Affair with my Chalkboard Wall

About sixteen months ago, my friends helped me paint my kitchen. (Yes. I really do have the best friends.) During the project, I finally felt bold enough to add a chalkboard wall, something I had always wanted. The kids had one in the basement but this one would be just for me. As you can tell from the photo, that didn’t end up being entirely true! My littlest likes to draw while I am adding a new quote, and I honestly find it quite adorable.

I love finding quotes that fit the season, or simply the rhythm of our status quo. I also love how vivid the chalk looks when it dries. I’ve discovered the trick is to soak the chalk in water before using. A word of caution: lower-quality chalk is very porous and airy and only needs a quick dunk or it will crumble away when wet.

My oldest loves to get in on the fun and I often let her choose the quote. Sometimes she even does the work herself:

I do believe all people should have a chalkboard wall. Even when I was first getting going with it, I figured it would one day get old and I might prefer to use it for grocery lists and such. However, I still prefer the opportunity for creativity, the added beauty, and the daily reminder of powerful words.

*I used two coats of Rust-Oleum’s black chalkboard wall paint. One small can is plenty and you can get it at any home improvement store, even on Amazon, in the neighborhood of $10. Have fun!

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