Chaos Theory

As somebody who prefers order in my life, the three children I share my home with present certain challenges. While I have been able to embrace the insanity at times, at others I fester. This brings to me to the topic of LEGOs. Colorfully enchanting by day, sinister instruments of torture by night. It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t EVERYWHERE. Mini figures in the laundry, building plates on the stairs, crumbled remains of an old project hurled across the room in frustration by the bookcase, under the seat of my car, peeking out from behind the couch, crammed in the subwoofer by the toddler, lost in the vacuum bag, standing out proudly in the piles left in the grass by the dog…you get my point. Of course you do, anybody who has ever shared their life with LEGOs understands. But I refuse to submit. 

So I did what any type A, irrational Mama with almost no free time would do and sorted them all by color. It sounds insane, but there’s a few reasons why it was a great thing:

1. Sets were reunited! Sets that had been previously loved but unfortunately mixed into the vat of plastic insanity were immediately put back together and a certain similarly type-A daughter felt her universe align. 

2. A multitude of hands, arms, pants, heads, and hair were put back together into a society of mini figures, along with an arsenal of very tiny weapons. This made the boy exceedingly happy for many days. 

3. Missing puzzle and game pieces were found and reunited with their friends, included one very thankful car full of girls belonging to LIFE. 

4. Wheels, chassis, and axles have their own home now, prompting an influx of homemade vehicles, adding up to hours and hours of playtime.

Will I ever do it again? HELL NO. Am I glad I did it once? Absolutely. For now, my itch for order has been scratched! (Exhale) Best of all, the ’round-the-clock building sessions have started up again. I think even my craziest of crazies appreciates the order. Even if it is only likely to last a week.


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