Our YES day!

This is Elsa having cake for lunch. Why on earth would I allow such a thing? Because it’s YES day! A yes day is a day where, whatever the kids ask, the answer is yes. Painting on the walls? Yes! Baking cookies all by myself? Yes! Wearing pajamas to the grocery store? Yes! 

With a few basic ground rules, a YES day can be a ton of fun for kids and parents alike. These were our rules:

1. Nothing in Future Tense. No asking for more yes days, or indefinite candy for breakfast menus, etc.

2. Nothing that hurts anybody else. Simple enough!

3. You must eat two “real” meals.

4. Set a budget. Without a budget, this day could get expensive! Ours was $40 because that just happened to be how much money I had left for the week, but you could do whatever you like. 

Our day started off a little uneventful. Normally, the kids get their tablets at 3:00 pm so today of course, they wanted them right away. After cake for breakfast for some, and cake for lunch for others, a candy request was made so we went to Target for giant bags of Sour Patch Kids and bars of chocolate.

After Target, Elsa asked to visit Wentworth Greenhouse, where she likes to make wishes and search for their house cat, Gizzy. We didn’t find Gizzy but she did make two wishes: one wish for “friends,” and one wish for “kitties.” ❤️

The staff even gave the kids fish food for the koi. After that, it was back home for board games, puzzles, and more Minecraft. 

We headed out again later on for a dinner at Bob’s Clam Hut for Kids Night, and then a late stop at Game Stop for a used Wii Game. We spent the rest of our money on a LEGO Harry Potter game and headed home for-you guessed it-more video games! 

I must admit, my kids’ requests were pretty mild. I had sort of been hoping they would conjure up some crazy thing that would make me cringe! When I mentioned that to them later on, my oldest asked for some examples. I told her I was surprised she hasn’t asked to bake solo, or dye her sister’s hair, or bury something in the backyard. Her response? “Wouldn’t you let us do those things on a normal day?” I had to laugh because yeah, I probably would. So while this whole experience was a lot tamer than I expected, I feel really good about the fact that my kids know they’re free to do just about anything they want. So long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, stays in the budget, and happens after a balanced meal!

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