Great Bay Discovery Center

Last week we joined a group of homeschoolers on an outing to The Great Bay Discovery Center in Greenland, NH. The tour lasted 2.5 hours and included four separate activities, two outside, one in a little outbuilding “cafe”,”  and one inside the center. 

Our group’s first stop was the cafe where the kids became environmental “chefs” and followed a recipe to make Estuary Soup. This was a wonderful activity that really gave the kids a hand-on look at what makes up the estuary water and why it’s health is essential to the entire food chain.

Next we headed to the waterfront to learn about the different grasses and wildlife along the shore and look for signs like mussel shells, and clam shells. 

Our third stop was inside the center where we learned all about horseshoe crabs, and got to peek at their indoor touch tank and experience many of the local animals up close and personal. The kids got to hold a live horseshoe crab, a mussel, a clam, an oyster, and a green crab. We also got to see flounder, an eel, and mummichog fish. 

Back outside for the last portion, we got to walk the boardwalk, a network of raised wooden walkways that are painted with tracks of local wildlife. Along the way the kids learned to identify many of the tracks. At the outermost point on the boardwalk is an observation deck where we could look through a scope to get a close up view of an enormous Osprey nest! 

 This whole experience was wonderful from start to finish and our guide, Beryl, was wonderful. She was patient and kind, and very knowledgeable about all the topics covered. They have several different programs running throughout the year and we will definitely be returning to the center soon!

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