Game Time: Busy Town

From time to time, I share game reviews on this blog because we are BIG board game people in this family and I love to share our love of games with friends. All games are fun in their own way but some just seem to rise above the rest. For the preschooler or kindergartener in your life, this is one of those. My kids have all loved this game at one time or another, and the box is being held together with duct tape! 

The game features Richard Scarry’s iconic characters and the object is to get all the players through the town and to a picnic before the pigs eat all of the food! The board is looong and comes in three sections that fit together like puzzle pieces. The spaces are big and easy for your little to count and the background is LOADED with detailed drawings. 

Each player spins and moves the number of spaces on the spinner. If you spin a magnifying glass, everybody solves “a mystery.” You turn over a card to reveal a random object like, flower pot. Flip a sand timer and everybody quickly scans the board to try and find as many of those items hidden in the town. Find 5 items? Everybody goes five spaces. It is very cooperative and moves quickly so you can easily play 3 or 4 rounds before Mom and Dad are bored! 

If you have a little one in your family or need a great gift, I would highly recommend this unique game. The preschool games are often tough on the big people who feel they have to suffer through but this is one the whole family can get into!

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