Upcycled Denim Apron

I made the apron on the right two years ago and I’ve been meaning to make more ever since. It is fought over by my children at craft time, contains their wettest paint messes, and ha s clearly stood the test of time! I thought it was high time I made some more.

First, find some old denim jeans and cut an apron shape (folded in half) out of the leg like this:

I cut both legs to make two aprons

Next, cover the raw edges with bias tape using a sewing machine. These jeans here are pretty light weight but if using a heavy denim you may want to use your heavy duty machine needle.

For the neck, cut out the outer seam of the pant legs. I made mine 16 inches.

The seams are thick and I didn’t want to risk snapping my last needle so I hand-stitched the neck piece on to the back side. For the ties I used two 22″ ribbon pieces and machine stitched them on to the back side of the apron. Finally, for decoration I sewed on a scrap of fabric I had lying around.

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