Book Review Monday

by Elise Gravel

I was actually the one to grab this brand-new book off the shelf of our local library because it looked like something my kids would love. Boy, was I right! Something about kids and monsters, I tell you. My youngest asked for the book but before I got to the end of page two the others had gathered. 

The book tells the story of a girl who wants to acquire a pet monster. She begs and pleads with her dad much like a kid would beg for a hamster or a kitten. 

The illustrations are endearing and the tone is silly, but direct, with lots of funny noises, goofy faces, and shenanigans. 

As a parent, the best part of the book was the end. After the story is over, the book implores the reader to design their own monster! In list-style instructions it is recommended that you draw, name, describe, feed, and train your monster. I love a book that inspires kids into action and this one did just that. All three immediately moved to the kitchen table and began scribbling away! 

I have no doubt this will end up a Ladybug Book and you’ll be seeing lots of it around!

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