Make: Clementine Cake


My kids are super picky about clementines. One week I bring home a bag and they are gone in a day. The next week they sit around for days before one of them confesses that these particular fruits are simply not up to scratch. Last week we had a crate full of such clementines and I was determined to find something to do with them. After some Google inspiration I decided to try a cake. I was out of gluten free flour so I used Hodgson Mills gluten free yellow cake mix, substituting the vanilla extract for orange extract. 

  In between the layers I used a Clementine curd, recipe found at:  It was a snow day so I chilled the curd in the fresh snow! When it was set I spread it in between the layers of cake and covered the whole thing with a Clementine Buttercream. Here’s the recipe I came up with for that:

1/2 cup of butter, softened 

4 cups confectioner sugar

2 tsp Clementine zest

1/2 clementine juice, strained 

Beat the sugar and butter together for several minutes, scraping the bowl. Mix in the zest. Slowly add juice until desired consistence is reached. I like a thick buttercream but it can be a lot harder to spread.  

 The cake was amazing and far surpassed my expectations. I will definitely make it again! (Assuming the kids talk me into buying more clementines!)

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