Make: Fabric Tutu

 My babiest baby is turning 3 next week and, inspired by her love of Mo Willems’ popular kids books, we are having a Piggie and Gerald Party!   

If you know me, it’s not news that I love having birthday parties and I love all the crafting opportunities a kid party presents. I have plans to make lots of fun things for this party and I will share all of them next week but I couldn’t wait to give a sneak peek of the birthday girl’s party outfit.

Fabric tutus are easy to create and so cute. Start by choosing coordinating fabrics, tulle, and ribbon in your party colors or the recipient’s favorite patterns. I used Piggie pink, elephant gray, and Pigeon blue. You’ll also need 1″ thick elastic cut to a length 4″ shorter than the recipient’s waist.

-I chose three fabrics and cut each one into 8 strips with pinking shears. My strips were 18 inches long and two inches wide, but you could make them longer for an older child. Just measure the length from knee to waist and double.  

-I did the same with 2 colors of tulle only I cut 24 pieces of each and made them twice as wide.

-Next, cut 2 colors of ribbon into 4 pieces (8 total) the same length as your fabric pieces. 

-Sew your elastic piece into a circle by overlapping the ends and using a zigzag stitch to secure.   

-Choose a pattern for your fabric pieces. You’ll repeat your pattern four times. Begin to tie the pieces around. I tend to lose track of my pattern so I do all of one kind at a time and create equal sections, like this:   

I did the fabric and tulle first and added the ribbon at the end to make sure it didn’t get lost in the thick fabric and tulle pieces. The final product looks super cute, now I just need to make a matching top. I can’t wait to see the birthday girl in it!

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