Make: Dress-up Crown

These fun and simple-to-make crowns make a great addition to any dress up collection. To make one, first gather the following supplies:

-covered craft wire, I usually use a brown one to give it a natural, almost grape-vine look. 

-Artificial flowers, I usually use 9-12 blooms depending on the look I’m going for.  

-thin wire for wrapping around the flowers to secure

-coordinating ribbon in various widths 

Step 1: Trim the blooms so you have an inch or so of stem left. You want enough space for a secure wrap but not so much that the ends are going to poke out.  

Step 2: Create your crown base by wrapping the covered craft wire into a circle. It should be wrapped about three to four times. You can secure it by simply wrapping the ends. With more stubborn wire I’ve used hot glue in the past. You don’t need to worry too much about it staying put because it will be wrapped many times with the craft wire as you attach the blooms. You may want to squish it into more of a fat oval shape depending on the head it will be sitting on! 

Step 3: Arrange the blooms around the crown to get an idea for placement and spacing. I usually keep things even, but you can be creative with your placement depending on the type of crown you make. 

Step 4: Using about 6-8 inches of wire, tightly wrap the stems of the flowers to the crown base. 


Step 5: Use your ribbon to wrap the crown and create a pretty train in the back. Sometimes I use the same ribbon to do both but with this crown I didn’t have enough length to do that so I used two different kinds. I gathered my skinny ribbons in the back to create a train (each piece was about 2 feet) and then wrapped my fatter ribbon around the crown to add color and cover the wires.   

Paired with some wings, a tutu, or a coordinating wand, these crowns make a great gift. Once you have the process down, experiment with birds, pine cones, or any other item that fits your dress-up theme. Have fun!

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