A Perfect Gift?


There is nothing like getting that PERFECT gift. When you are lucky enough to be part of such a holiday home-run it feels amazing! One Christmas when I was fourteen my mother gave me a simple gift: bubble bath. Four square, glass bottles with cork stoppers, each filled with a different jewel-colored and deliciously scented elixir. I would soon discover that these were a rare find and a meager teaspoon filled my tub with long-lasting bubbles. I was a bath lover and this seemingly ordinary gift quickly turned into my favorite possession. My mother had no idea what she had done, she just grabbed them at Home Goods because they looked pretty.


As was with the bubble bath, perfect gifts are oftentimes dumb luck. But there’s one gift that for me, is always a home-run and that is something hand-made by the recipient. Not everybody appreciates a handmade gift, but when you find somebody who does, making them something special each year is such a joy.


My daughter is a sweet and sensitive old soul and naturally, loves anything I make for her and is constantly making things for others. She has a dear friend who, although I don’t know this little girl too well yet, seems to be a kindred spirit. They are both creative and imaginative nature-lovers and always have a great time together. Last year Lucy was invited to spend this friend’s birthday with the family and I went out on a limb and made her a birthday crown with twisted wire, ribbons, and artificial flowers. She adored it and wore it for days.


Her birthday upon us once again, I decided to make something else along the same lines and judging from the look on Lucy’s face when she saw the finished product, I think we got it out of the park again this time.

IMG_3628   IMG_3635IMG_3633IMG_3630

Pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated, one of my favorite books about sewing for kids. Meg McElwee is a talented seamstress and amazing Mama, too! check out her blog, here.


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