Frozen Treat Koozies

Everybody has a personality flaw, it’s a fact. Mine? Miniscule attention span. I am so easily distracted it will be a small miracle if I can get through this post without wandering off to start a new and completely unrelated project. You know those obnoxious Family Circle cartoons? Aren’t they the worst? Anyway, that’s how I clean my house.

This is why I have been sewing for two decades and never completed one article of clothing. I gravitate toward sewing projects that are quick and easy. Pinking shears and fabric glue are my two favorite sewing tools. I have been sewing for 20 years and my machine was $120 at Target 8 years ago. I keep meaning to buy a better one but then I get distracted. Did I mention how overstimulating craft stores can be for me?

Quick and easy to me is finished in one nap time. That usually translates to about 1.5 hours. This project was half that! The inspiration for these was born out of irritation. My kids love yogurt so I buy Stonyfield Tubes of organic flavored yogurts and freeze them, because in a kid’s world, everything that’s frozen is a treat. Then, inevitably, my kids will whine that their hands are cold and they grab a napkin to wrap around the part they are holding. First world problems, I know. So I whipped up a pile of these and threw them in with the rags and now they have a colorful and eco-friendly way to keep their hands warm. 

Basic Instructions:

These started as fat quarters that were about 17″ X 21″. I folded the fabric the way I would sew it (as shown in photo) so it was 17″ X 5.25″ and cut that piece into sections that were 3″ wide. Then I sewed down one side, across the bottom and up the other side and turned them right side out. Voila! Couldn’t have been easier.

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